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AKA® Sorority Charm BraceletAKA® Sorority Charm Bracelet

Cherished Charm Bracelet

When you respect, value and “CHERISH” everything about your 💗💚 Sorority and there’s no denying it.
Our beautiful Alpha Kappa Alpha “Cherished” Charm Bracelet is adorned with beautiful Pink & Green stones, relics and Sorority charms.
Sorority Charms:
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Letter Charms
  • Ivy Leaf Charm
  • 1908 Charm
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Shield Charm
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Trademarked Pink Charm

Show your love and pride for the prettiest Sorority there is with our Alpha Kappa Alpha “Cherished” Charm Necklace today!

Cluster Star Cuff


 Color : Rhodium Silver
 Theme : Star
 Size : 2″ H
 Material: Metal

Gold Crystal Ribbon Bracelet


Natural Stone & Pink Ribbon Stack Bracelets


 Color : Patina Verdigris, Pink
 Theme : Pink Ribbon
 Size : 0.75″ H, 2.5″ D
 3 PCS – Natural stone & pink ribbon stack bracelets



Shining Star Bracelet


 Color : Silver Burnished
 Theme : Star
 Size : 1.5″ X 1.25″
 Cuff opening

AKA Trio Charm BraceletAKA Trio Charm Bracelet

Silver Trio Charm Bracelet


Add subtle AKA charm to your wrist with our beautiful Alpha Kappa Alpha Silver Trio Charm Bracelet.


  • Adjustable Silver Band for wrists of all sizes
  • 3 beautiful charms (our AKA, Ivy Leaf, and of course 1908 silver charms)
  • Makes a great gift

Add some “sisterly” arm candy to your look with this Alpha Kappa Alpha Silver Trio Charm Bracelet.


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