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Alpha Kappa Alpha “Silver Soror” Lapel Pin

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Silver Soror Lapel Pin / Brooch
Silver Soror Lapel Pin / Brooch
Silver Soror Lapel Pin / Brooch

Thank you for ordering one of our beautiful Silver Star items.

Did you know there’s one item in our catalog that always makes it onto our Silver Soror Must Have List and it’s our Silver Soror Lapel Pin.

This beautiful Lapel pin makes a great addition to any Silver Star wardrobe.  And it makes a great gift to that special Silver Soror in your life.

“a very sophisticated & polished way to show off your Silver status”

You can:

Wear it with a beautiful blazer for professional events.

Or add it to any collared top for a sisterly business casual look.

It is perfect for:

  • Regional Conference
  • Chapter Events
  • Professional Events

“It’s a stylish and beautiful statement piece that adds a dignified look to practically any outfit you wear.”

We truly feel like no Silver Star wardrobe is complete without this beautiful statement piece.

That’s why we want you to have it for the best price possible $14.99 (That’s over 20% off the current retail price)

But only if you add it to your order today.

Please keep in mind this is one of our most popular Silver Star accessories that goes out of stock frequently.

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Once Sorors wear our beautiful and bold berets they want to wear this look all the time so they immediately come back to get the other color.

We want you to enjoy this classic sisterly look as much as possible which is why we want to offer you our Alpha Kappa Alpha 1908 “Ivy Leaf” Beret for $14.99 (20% off the current retail price)

We want to give you the opportunity to get both right now so you don’t have to wait and risk them going out of stock (and not mention – at a price that can’t be beat).

Our Alpha Kappa Alpha 1908 “Ivy Leaf” Berets features:

  • One Size Fits All design
  • comfortable wool-blend woven fabric
  • Beautifully bold Alpha Kappa Shield Embroidered design

If you would like to grab yours before time runs out then click the Green Button Below and it will be added to your order because…

“You Won’t See This Offer Anywhere Else!”

Once time runs out or you leave this page that’s it, so grab yours while you can.

Sisterly Love,

Soror Nippy

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